Training Programs

Interdisciplinary Focus

Leveraging explorations in neural engineering and new concepts in STEM education, the Center seeks to recruit and nurture outstanding interdisciplinary teams with important diversity in strengths from fields such as physics, chemistry, kinesiology, engineering, nanoscience, nanotechnology, the musical arts, and biomedicine.

Apprentice Opportunities

The Center provides a variety of educational training and apprentice opportunities for researchers and students. Promoting links between Center scientists and the wider interdisciplinary scientific community, these avenues include training in scanner operator training, neuroimaging techniques, as well as data acquisition skills and analysis methods. These opportunities are open to interested students and researchers across the globe.

Multimodal Imaging

The Center has previously offered and hosted a summer training workshop with Dr. Robert Savoy and Dr. Robin W. Wilkins and select faculty from the Harvard/MIT/MGH A. Anthioula Martinos Center in state-of-the-art functional magnetic resonance imaging and brain connectivity research. For more information click on the multimodal brain imaging link below:

Gateway MRI Center Policies & Procedures

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