Imaging Technology and Software

The Center houses a 3T magnetic resonance scanner along with a wide variety of capabilities for a variety of functional, quantitative, and structural imaging.

Scanner Technology

The facility is equipped with a Siemens Magnetom Tim Trio 3 Tesla MRI scanner with a 60cm center inner bore diameter and a 50 cm spherical diameter imaging volume.  The scanner has a variety of RF coils to accommodate the broad imaging needs of faculty.

Computing Infrastructure and Processing Software

All images acquired on the Siemens scanner are stored offsite behind the UNCG firewall on a secure PACS server. Offline network storage with automatic backups is available to all UNCG investigators. This offline storage is mounted to a server with 16 cores (Xeon X5560) operating at 2.8 GHz with 8 Mbytes of internal cache and 64 GBytes total memory. The server is dedicated for scientific computing and is available for processing and analysis of all MRI data. Software packages presently installed on this server include Slicer 3D, Matlab, FSL, Free Surfer, SPM8, CONN Toolbox, GraphVar, Diffusion Toolkit, BrainNet Viewer and ITK-SNAP. More software options are available.  Please contact the Gateway MRI Center Directors for information on how to upload potential new software.